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The Deep Sea

Akademie, Blog, Foto, Galerie, Quallen, Tiefsee, Unter Wasser 28. Januar 2020

The Deep Sea – a wonderful animation by Neal Agarwal If you want to explore the deep sea – or the surface at least – by yourself, Thomas has some usefull informations about deep sea diving for you. Foto: NOAA Photo Library, Author: Kevin Raskoff. Credit: Hidden Ocean 2005 Expedition: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration. […]

Foto von Harald Groven CC-BY-2.0

You know it, we knew it

Party, Sonnendeck 18. Juni 2015

Study: Sex And Alcohol Make You Happier Than Having Kids And Religion Money may not be able to buy happiness, but sex and alcohol surely can — at least, according to new research. A recent study conducted at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found that, on average, partying and sex rate highest on […]